Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Mr (Video) DJ I want to dance for Real

Real player v11 is going to change everything in the "User generated" video content category i.e. You-Tube and Google Video sort of content.

A few months ago I was looking for ways of downloading You-tube videos. There was a rather arduous way with Linux and Mplayer and scripts and that sort of stuff. Typically not what would excite a budding video mixing artist. But now Real has done it. The latest Real player provides an easy way to download any non-copyrighted content into your hard-disk on a plain Windows PC (Real says that a Mac version is in the works). Best thing is, it supports all sorts of formats.

In short, I now envision 1000s of budding Video DJs downloading little clips of video from all over the Internet, stitching n' mixing them up (adding value through their talent), and then republishing content.

And I imagine that after a few iterations, this content may just graduate from "User Generated" to hugely engaging and popular A-class content. Wow this is like the analogue of open source software. Open source content, being refined and sliced and diced and mixed for your viewing pleasure.

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