Monday, March 9, 2009

Wiring up my cellphone to my Web 2.0

I have done 3 fun things over the past 2 months. First, I bought a very capable - the Nokia E71. Second, I connected my phone to my blog so I can send an email to my blog and it gets posted. And third, I set up a Twitter account where I can post messages via SMS.

Now this changes things. Suddenly I am untethered like never before. The ability to capture and publish information in real-time has moved from professional TV camera crews riding satellite TV vans to anyone with a phone that can send SMS.

That's change for the better. And one more example where tech and gadgets leave the nerd domain and change mainstream society. Information flowing freely, leaking through the porous gaps made possible through such emerging technology will loosen the grip of those who seek to control information, and by extension, the free will of people.

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